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    My Own Shower Jelly!

    I need to congratulate my self because finally I DID it! I made my own shower jelly for second time and it turns out to be a successful experiment!

    This is the appearance:

    When I was asked by Nita-my best friend how to make it, I reminded her of a 1999 movie titled Fight Club that showed us how to make soap using people fat that illegally taken from liposuction hospital. I was just kidding.

    Actually, I followed the instruction stated here:


    DIY Shower Jelly

    Stage 2 of Arabelle’s ongoing plan to beat LUSH at its own game.

    But of course I go with my own way in this second experiment because the first time-when I just follow, it turned to be disgusting-shower-liquid. Here’s my second experiment steps:

    1. boil 2 glass of water
    2. pour 2 packs of agar-agar swallow globe brand- i use green and red together, stir until completely mixed
    3. pour 1/2 glass of body wash- i use citra pearl body wash, mix it.
    4. drop a teaspoon of olive oil for the moisturizer
    5. pour the mixture into a mold
    6. put it in refrigerator and wait for 4 hours
    7. shower jelly ready for bathing

    Note: I personally think that steps above produce a rudimentary shower jelly. The body wash feels deficient-I think in the third experiment I will add more body wash.

    The sensation of my bathing with this pink shower jelly : as Arabelle stated on her Rookie article, “it feels REALLY COOL to loofah something cold onto your skin in hot water, trust.”

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